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27 October
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+ Rach + Blonde + Dumb + Bitch + Friendly + Taken + Uni Student + Loving Life + Loving Lee +

+ Im M3, r3sp3ct th4t, Y00 Can n0t ch4ng3 m3 sorree33 + I want to be happy in what i do + I also want to find some1 to love with all my heart + Iv finally found that someon + Lee you are my world, i dont know what id do without you now + My friends are my world + Me In A Nut Shell = COMPLETE +

I LOVE+ LEE + Chicken + Cheesy Potato + Sweetcorn + Clubbin + Drinkin + Straightners + Make Up + Lipgloss + Ma Friends + Ma Family + Ma Phone + Gossipin + Hugs + Kisses + Ma Grades +

I HATE+ Haterz + Fakerz + Beef + Pain + Hangovers + Nastiness + Bitches + Lonliness + Boyz +

A very important person once told me some good advice "The wise man learnt by his mistakes, the wisest man learnt by other peoples mistakes" That important person was my brother <3

I just want to tell the world how happy i am with lee! we have our ups and downs but what couple doesnt? He makes me so happy and warm inside! Hes the best kisser/hugger/shag ever! And he knows i mean it =] i love you lee! <3