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woohoo [23 Jun 2004|03:54pm]




[16 Jun 2004|03:01pm]
My baby is the best! he got me busted tickets again!!!! woohoo i must be special!!! thank you baby! your the best =] mwa
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[11 Jun 2004|11:28am]

im sorry baby!

i love you no matter what! you are so special to me, you are my everythin...im so sorry iv lost you =[

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[26 May 2004|11:28am]






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[07 May 2004|12:02pm]
im bored so iv took this questionaire from natalies LJ. this isnt an update though im just bored =]

Stole from the bootiful miss_kristy :) TY!

x. Slept in your bed: Me
x. Saw you cry: Lee
x. Made you cry: Lee =[
x. Spent the night with: Lee
x. You shared a drink with: cant remember
x. You went to the movies with: Lee
x. You went to the mall with: Lee lol
x. Yelled at you: Lee's mum =]
x. Sent you an email: mazz
x. You kissed: Lee =]

x. Said "I Love You" and meant it? yup
x. Gotten in a fight with your pet: no
x. Been to New York: nope =[
x. Florida: no =[
x. California: no =[
x. Hawaii: no
x. Mexico: no
x. China: no
x. Canada: no
x. Danced naked: lmao no
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: Yeah sort of =/
x. Wish you were the opposite sex: YES! cos they dont have as much pain as us!
x. Had an imaginary friend: when i was a little girl
x. Things you like in a girl/guy: cute, nice personality, FUNNY, good looking, keeps me happy =]
x. Do you have a crush on someone: only lee
x. What book are you reading now: im waitin for my next book...being jordan
x. Worst feeling in the world: arguin with lee or knowing somone u care about is in a lot of pain and u cant do anything about it
x. What is the first thing you think when you wake up: wheres lee =]
x. Future daughter's name: Chloe
x. Future son's name: Joshua
x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: when i sleep at mine i sleep with cheeky and tilly my teddys from lee
x. What's under your bed: a bow and loads of shit
x. Favorite sport to watch: Football =]
x. Current Age: 19
x. Siblings: John and wayne
x. Location: UK
x. College plans: in u uni but currently tryin to change my course
x. Piercings/tattoos: ears x3 and belly button
x. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: yup

x. Do you do drugs: No
x. Do you drink: not very often anymore only if im with lee lol
x. What are you most scared of: clowns!
x. What clothes do you sleep in: pants =/
x. Where do you want to get married: in a church
x. Who do you really hate: i dont really hate anyone
x. Been in Love: yep
x. What type automobile do you drive:none
x. Do you have a job: yup
x. Do you like being around people: yeah sometimes
x. Are you for world peace: yeah i guess
x. Are you a health freak: nope am i bollox

x. Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: not really loved someone but had major crushes on at skool
x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: yup
x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: nope not now
x. Want someone you don't have right now:yeah, money
x. Are you lonely right now: not really
x. Ever afraid you'll never get married: not afraid no
x. Do you want to get married: i'd like to
x. Do you want kids: yeah eventualy

x. Room in house: lees bedroom
x. Type(s) of music: dunno
x. Color: pink
x. Perfume or cologne: Joop for men diesel for girls
x. Month: october
x. Stone: err :/

x. Cried: yea
x. Bought something: yeah
x. Gotten sick: no
x. Sang: yes =/
x. Said "I Love You": yeah
x. Wanted to tell someone you loved them: yup
x. Met someone new: no
x. Moved on: huh?
x. Talked to someone: yeah
x. Missed someone: yeah
x. Hugged someone: yup
x. Kissed someone: yup
x. Fought with your parents: nope

there ya go goin home now =]
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does anyone want a community for free? [30 Apr 2004|01:37pm]
iv got divine_blondes as a comunity but i dont do it its been off for ages does anyone wanna tke it up?!?!
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[27 Apr 2004|09:42am]
this is the end of my journal. its the end of everythin cos lee has fell out with me doesnt want me anymore so i cant be bothered takin time for this no more. i feel really shit and im sat in the binx cryin my eyes out! i want him to be happy an dhe is happy without me! he says we will never split up, well hes made the biggest lie! LEE I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND WILL DO FOREVER IF YOU EVER WANT ME BACK YOU KNOW WHERE I AM ID TAKE YOU BACK WHENEVER AND IF YOUD DONE ANYTHIN I STILL WOULD. IM SHAKIN COS IM SO UPSET. IM SORRY IV RUINED IT. EVERYHTIN THAT HAS GONE WRONG IN THIS RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN MY FAULT! EMPHASIS THE MY!!!!!!! SORRY BABY. LOVE YOU FOREVER XXX
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=] [21 Apr 2004|11:54am]

Uni is rubbish iv had the most pointless lecture today! *grrr*

monday after me and charlie did our presentation i went back to mine andended up going to lee's not to do his hair but to argue =[ (sorry baby) we split up once again and guess who's fault it was hmm =[ anyway we messaged eachotehr but it wasnt going anywhere really and i ended up going out with rach although i hate the girl with a passion now!!! it started off a good night i dint see lee although was looking for him everywhere!!! it was all going well when i clocked him! luckily we found leann louise and tesa so i asked rach if she dint mind i went to lee and spoke to him. she said it was fine so i went n he was a right arse!(sorry babe but u were =]) ANYWAY...he kept pushin me away so when i finally got him to turn round he went off on one at me completely. bringin all the past up and what happened over easter it was horrid we went to sit down and he kept shoutin at me and goin off on one. i was obviously cryin n he was hammered. he went to get a drink n spoke to my friends who came up to me and told me he dint wanna be with me anymore. he even said it himself. then when he came back he said some seriously harsh things which made me burst into tears. that made himfeel guilty so he started bein nice to me then =[ we then decided top go home so i text rach telin her and went bk to his. we talked about stuff at his house and giggled a bit whatever and he said how he was sorry and he never wanted this to happen again and how he wanted to upset me as much as i did him in easter and thinks he has now so wont hurt me like that again. he gave me another chance so its only fair i do him i suppose. in his drunken state he told me was havin his hair done wednesday!lol then i started gettin messages off one of my house mates slaggin me off cos id slagged her off and stuff n i went off my head completely textin her back sayin shes just as bad, theres been so much bitchiness in our house recently n i was gettin told off for havin a bf! i wasnt havin any of that so i said my fair share back! all in all thought fuckin miss innocent rach (my arse) is the cause of all these rows cos she has been slaggin everyone off yet gone to everyoine and told them what everyone else has said! OMG lookin at it now its soooooooooo pathetic! i hate that house! lee im livin with u next year!!=] we dint go to sleep till bout 4 i had a lecture at 9. i ended up goin home in his trousers and jacket i looked a right muppet!lol.

anyway tuesday went home rach came in all nciey niceyt sayin oh no i feel bad cos im in the middle i was like i dont give a fuck no more everyone is as bad as eachother in this house there is no one worse off! it was her fault in the first place like but shes a NOB!!!! i hate her!!! (i mean it this time lee)

so tuesday i saw lee and i came home for my lecture. my presentation went ok i guess. after my other lecture i met lee and went into town! we had a subway yum yum!!!!!! then went shoppin, i bought him a cd and lambretta top which he looks so finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne in =] and then myself got a top and jacket. we also got a naughty book from ann summers heehee =]

then i went home had a shower while lee played football then we took corrie his sister to see scooby doo 2! lee was so fidgety lol. then we went home to bed cos we were knackered! today iv had a shit lecture and now im goin to see lee before he has his hair done. =]

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good week bad weekend [19 Apr 2004|03:11pm]

Well tuesday i worked 11-3 when i wasnt even down to work so i was well pissed off cos this is twice that has happened. =[ *grrrr* lee ended up ringin and i went over. we decided to go to the cinema to attempt to see dawn of the dead again after sundays palava of gettin the wrong tickets. anyway this time we got the right ones. its well good that film, a bit scary, not too gorey, not as gorey as the original anyway thats horrid!! anyway we just came home after that and went to bed ;)

wednesday i worked 12.30-6.30 which was looooooooooooong and boring. i saw lee after and thats about it

thursday was my day off but lee was going to liverpool at night to see franz ferdinand. we didnt get out of bed till 1 so we just lazed about and had something to eat. i watched a film while he was gone then met him bout midnight n went back to his. =]

friday i had to work again 12.30-6.30 which was rubbish cos i wanted to spend the day with lee =[ i watched a film with rach then ended up stayin at lees.

saturday i worked 11-3 which went quite fast, then waited for lee to come home from football he was in a mood cos they lost so i dint see him, i watched a film with rachel then decided to see lee but we ended up havin a stupid argument which was my fault and lee thought i was bein different when i wasnt meanin to be. then sunday i worked again 2-6 iv worked a lot this week =] and then after me n lee went to the cinema to see gothika which is probably the most jumpy film iv ever watched in my life!!!lol dead good though =] me n lee kept gigglin at silly things tho like the black man with white fingers...???lol(no offence to black people!=]) then we came home and had a silly little row which got out of hand which was my fault again!!! iv told him im the worst gf but he wont believe me.

i dont mean to be different and yeah i know iv been moody recently but im just scared of losin him and i know im goin the wrong way about it but i love him so much and if i lost him i dont know what id do. the only thing is i am losin him by pushin him away! i cant win. im gonna try and stop being moody cos we had the best week where i just fell madly in love with him and ruined it. sorry baby new start and we wont argue for a month! =]

oh yeah and im tellin all my friends for the past week I have been doin lee's hair cos im good and hes not!! he cant do it so i have to isnt that right lee!! whos the best....ME =] heehee hes also havin his hair hightlighted sometime this week but wont tell me when its a suprise!!heehee!

today iv done a whole presentation which i spent 3 hours on and im quite impressed now im going home to SLEEP then at 6 goin to lees to do his hair comin back n gettin ready to go out =]

bye bye =]

<3 u scrumtious bum =]


=] [13 Apr 2004|03:52pm]

i had quite a good time at home but was glad to get back. i saw amy and my brothers got my bridemaid dress sorted which is actually really nice its lilac with a flowery bit just under the boob bit and its like mesh at the top, straight down. nioce anyway. jos dress is really nice too! BUT i dont want them to get married i hate her! u dont marry somone who u moan about 24/7 to the rest of his family do u!!!

anyway went out on friday with my mates from where i used to work, get tipsy but wasnt drunk i was too busy lukin after them two cos they were both upset for different reasons. i wasnt exactly happy myself so we went home early.

saturday came and eventually i got home, leelee rang me and met me on the way to his. i was really nervous cos of whats happened this week but it was ok, he gave me a big hug and when i kissed him my tummy went wild!! we didint do much that night just stayed in. sunday was easter and his lil sister got me an egg with a bunny bear in it!heehee! we were gonna go out sunday night but decided couldnt be bothered so went to cinema instead. we asked to see DAWN of th ded but the man gave us tickets for SHAUN of the dead. so we went to see that anyway, it was funny and good but i really wanna see dawn of the dead now. Sunday night we got in and decided we were gonna go to london on monday so lee could watch football. we didnt have tickets we were just gonna chance them having some. three hours journey there...looooong!!!! lol when we got to the stadium finally we went to get the tickets expectin to sit in the spurs end, luckily we got man city ones! woohoo!!! i was well excited my first football match lol!! was different to what i thought but was well good! the score was 1-1. (bad referrin tho [i know!!!=])lol we had a good time neway. took us 3hours ish to get bk but we had some tea first. got bk bout 11. i slept some of the way home. poor lee had to drive there and back! =[ i made him feel better when we got bk tho =] was a wikid day in all though and i cant wait to go see leicester!! man city will win that! =] i reckon neway n lee says he might get me a man city shirt!heehee!=]

this mornin i had to leave my baby at 9 cos i had to work! was rubbish just waitin for him to ring me now so i can go see him again!!

things with me n him are loads better now!we havent argued since iv been back and its been all luvy duvy!im so glad he took me back i know now how much he means to me and i dont know what i would do without him!!!!! love you baby!!!!!

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FRESH START [07 Apr 2004|12:40pm]

Iv had the worst week with lee, all we have done is argue and hurt eachother! when the weekend came it was good i was coming home to have a break, we ended up splitting up and everything it was horrible!! iv had such a horrid week!

We thought we had sorted things saturday night, i went to manchester and it was shit dint get drunk and ended up looking after my mate whos birthday it was. Anyway me n lee supposedly worked things out but it was still shit when i went over on sunday. Monday we had a massive row when he was taking me home and i just cried and cried and cried in the car. Eventually i wanted to get out the car so i did and he came after me appologised and we got back in. We had said it was over by this point and as far as i was concerned it was, hence me crying so much. it was horrible. we ended up stopping and listening to stupid sad songs which made us more upset. We got out the car had a big hug and a kiss but still to me it was over.

We got back to mine and i was still cryin he stayed a bit then decided to go, he left me cryin. it was awful. i couldnt stopped. I then made the biggest mistake of my life but im not going into that. i was textin lee on his way home tellin him to come back! i loved him etc etc. he was adament not to come back. Then when he got to manchester, near home i asked him once mroe to come back and he said yes.lol he drove all the way back from manchester to see me. i couldnt believe my luck! it took him about an hour to get back, my heart was going wild, butterflies i was hyper! i had a shower to take up time, when he got here i ran up to the car and gave him a big hug. things still werent right but he was here. we had tea blah blah n chatted then went to bed, we argued again i couldnt believe it! i was so fed up with arguin!!!!

THEN... we started talking and things changed. we told eachother everythin, how we felt blah blah and everything vchanged. we started talking bout our future together and stuff and said how we both wanted it to work. sooooooooooooo..we decided to start a fresh, completely forget our past and be completely honest with eachother. it was such a nice night. the next mornin i dint want him to go, we were all luved up it was great. BUT when he left there was something wrong. i was so worried but thought maybe its cos he has to leave me. he left anyway and i started thinkin bout how we were going to change. Then the worst thing happened. lee had read my messages on my fone and found somethin really bad. i knew it was over. i burst into tears and appologised there wasnt much else i could say. i spent over £10 on credit to him yesterday sayin sorry and i would change n its a fresh start! he told me i had hurt him too much this time i had lied too much it was over he could never forgive me. i was gutted. i was shopping with my mum carolyn and amy. i was chasing amy round tryin to take my mind off it. last night he sent me an email, it was harsh but true. id hurt him more than ever and he couldnt forgive me. i didnt deserve being forgiven what i had done was horrible! we spoke and tole eachother we loved eachother needed eachother but still he was havin none of it. he did calm down a bit but i still thought iv no chance IV ruined it like i ruin everything! he said he was going to talk to his mum cos he was so confused. A little later he text me sayin do u want me to ring u later, of course i did si when he rang he sounded a bit happier. i was glad for him i dint want him to be sad. i asked him if he was ok he said yeah i said why he said " cos i want to be with you" my face lit up completely i was smilin from ear to ear! i was the luckiest girl in the world! his mum had told him to follow his heart and it brought him to me!!! i couldnt believe it, he said he loved me and wanted to be with me so he would take me back but i had to change and make it work. he dint want to be hurt any more! i knoew all this and had been thinkin all day what to do to change!

SO as of now, i am a completely new and changed girlfriend, iv reaslied that lee is the only lad i want and need and im going to do everythin to prove it to him! I love him with my whole heart, trust him and car about him more than anything! he means the world to me and i dont know what id do without him! hes the best. THank you baby for givin me another chance i promise you will not regret it!!!

the only down side is i wont see him till saturday!!!! =[

lee i love you and im sorry so so sorry!!!!!



apart from all that not been up to much! me n lee went this place called the crocky trail with his mate steven and we dint pay it was a laugh it has like rope swings and stuff! we also went waterworld in stoke (was near u ley ley lol) and that was well good! slides and stuff lol and we had fun in the changin rooms ;) definatly goin back there again!!!!  and we have made loads of plans for summer and our future!!! =] i also drove his car lol i wasnt THAT bad but wasnt good either lol! =]

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why why why why why!!!!! [25 Mar 2004|07:02pm]
WHY is it when you think things are going so well that something has to turn up and FUKIN spoil it for u!!!!!
I have had the best 2 weeks of my life with lee recently and its been perfect, makin plans for the summer bough being together and being all luved up then he reads this stupid fuckin thing and it spoils it all! This was meant to make me feel better when i blogged! these past 5 months its given me nothing but hell! regrets of it?? yeah u fuckin bet! why cant he just understand i love him with my whole heart and would never hurt him! i cant hurting him would be killing me! i know tis hard to believe me but omg iv never been like this with any lad!!
I feel like shit, im shakin cos im scared of losing him! if i lose him i lose my heart and will never get it bk or even want it bk unless he is the one to give it.
He is my everythin, he knows this why cant he just love me like i love him and be happy! i know i have a shitty past but i cant go bak now, if i could it would have been different!
i know im no angel but with him i am! id never cheat on him it never even enters my mind!
this hurts so much!!!!
I love you lee and want you more than anything PLEASE accept it!!!
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=s [17 Mar 2004|07:33pm]

well pop idol was pretty good, me n lee was well luvvy duvvy he was huggin me nearly all the way thru they were singin loads of songs we like too so that made it well good. had quite a nice weekend, spent with lee obviously its been dead nice! went out on monday saw lee, this nob kept smackin my arse so i wentr mad at hime! grrr he was well pissin me off then my m8 told him to fuck off so he did lol! NOBHEAD!!!

tuesday i saw lee went to his n we had a giggle and i know he wont like me sayin this but we made love at night lol! we always just shag but we actually made love alst night n it was the best! i was dead upset and he cheered me up like he always does! he sent me a pic of him to my fone and i couldnt stop starin at him! hes sooooooooo fit and i missed him so it qwas nice!

today i been to liverpool and it was shit!!!!!!! everyone is out tonight includin lee =[ and im stayin in cos iv got work to do! iv missed lee all day n now he is going out n forgettin about me n gettin pissed while i stay in the house on mi tod n work!! how borin is that but i dont actually have ne money either so i cant! im in a pissed off mood today one of my housemates is drivin me mad n i want to kill her! she keeps sayin things about lee dunno if she fancies him or what but if she goes near him i will have to kill her! hes mine!!!lol

neway bored now so going home to do some work!

lee...i love you xxx

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LONG TIME [10 Mar 2004|12:46pm]

Not really been up to much! i went home on saturday till sunday night, got to see amy!!! OMG she is gorgeous!! She has grown so big and is now saying things like "bye bye" "hiye" "baby" and its dead cute!! =]

went out last wednesday and lee proper fell out with me! he finished me and everything but we cant live without eachother lol and friday night we got back together, it was wierd at first cos he didnt know it was what he wanted, when i went home it was horrible i missed him so much because we left on bad terms at the station, i was on the fone to him for half an hour telling him i loved him and missed him! After i sent him a reaaaaaaaaaaally long email telling him everything! iv never been so sure of how i feel about somebody!and he knows it now! when i got back he came to mine about half 11 cos he went out. we went back to his and fell asleep all cuddled up! since sunday night we have been fine, i know its only wednesday but to me its important! we have a really nice three days! Hes perfect for me in everyway and i dont know what i would do without him!

Went out on monday and my mate really pissed me off! i could have killed her she was pushing me about cos she was hammered and i wasnt drinking! i ended up spendin a lot of the night with lee, watching him dancin like he does...lol we saw him at the beginning of the night smashed off his face dancing like a muppet...but thats why i love him! =]

anyway was a wikid night! we got a keyring me n lee and this one actually looks decent!!!

hes having his hair cut today n i hope he has it dead short cos he looks sooooooooooooooo fit!!!! out again tonight not gettin drunk tho cant afford it! if im not careful im goin to be kicked off my course too! iv missed 4 out of 5 lectures of this module, i dont think iv missed that many but its all LEE's fault! lol he makes me stay with him and i just cant resist!lol

Anyway im really happy at the moment! things are going well i just hope it lasts this time! i cant be doin with a broken heart no more! it hurts too much!!!! =[


UPDATE:/ just remembered im going to see POP IDOL tomorrow night woohoo!! me n lee are gonna hear michelle sing our song live!!!woohoo!!! lol

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WOW [02 Mar 2004|04:17pm]

wow!!! look at my new layout how fuckin cool thanx to


for doing this for me shes a fuckin star!!!! let me know if there is nethin i can do in return.

just a normal week!!! amy has just said bye bye down the fone to  me =]=]=]=]=]=]

neway just wanna say i love my baby with all my heart he is the best =] x x x

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New layout. x [27 Feb 2004|08:45pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Since Monday, Ive not really been up to much. Some knobhead let Lee's tryes down both Monday and Tuesday night, so Wednesday, I sat with him in his sister's room till 2 watching his car to see if they did it again. Surprise Surprise, they didnt. We were both dead tried and had a ridiculous arguement that doesn't even count in my eyes. I was so tired Thursday. And i had a lecture 9-5!

Not done much in the day just lectures and messed about. Thursday night went to Lee's and he had lots and lots of fun ;] Then at half 11, it was proper snowin` so we went upstairs and watched it out the window. It looked so good, it had like a pure white sheet over the road so Lee told me to go write something in it, so I did. We both went outside and i wrote "I Love You" in massive letters. It looked so good.
It stayed for so long until some twat run over it with his bloody` car. We had a snowball fight, and then we just went it, because it was too cold. I was so tired, i didnt get to sleep till a daft time again. =[ Bored now, no more lectures, working tommorow until 11-3 so it's no so bad. Not a very exciting week apart from me & Lee seem to be getting on better now! Love him to bits =]

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New layout. x [27 Feb 2004|08:43pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Since Monday, Ive not really been up to much. Some knobhead let Lee's tryes down both Monday and Tuesday night, so Wednesday, I sat with him in his sister's room till 2 watching his car to see if they did it again. Surprise Surprise, they didnt. We were both dead tried and had a ridiculous arguement that doesn't even count in my eyes. I was so tired Thursday. And i had a lecture 9-5! Not done much in the day just lectures and messed about. Thursday night went to Lee's and he had lots and lots of fun ;] Then at half 11, it was proper snowin` so we went upstairs and watched it out the window. It looked so good, it had like a pure white sheet over the road so Lee told me to go write something in it, so I did. We both went outside and i wrote "I Love You" in massive letters. It looked so good.
It stayed for so long until some twat run over it with his bloody` car. We had a snowball fight, and then we just went it, because it was too cold. I was so tired, i didnt get to sleep till a daft time again. =[ Bored now, no more lectures, working tommorow until 11-3 so it's no so bad. Not a very exciting week apart from me & Lee seem to be getting on better now! Love him to bits =]
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=] [24 Feb 2004|03:29pm]
well nic came over n we got hammered! went out thursday n got fairly drunk, went to RB's shes never been there n couldnt wait to go she really enjoyed it...muppet its shit! we met the guys from ibiza n kinda said hello, lee came n i saw him a bit n it wasnt happy =[

then friday i had my induction because I GOT THE JOB AT NEW LOOK 50% OFF WOOHOO!! so yeah ended up on the fitting rooms for an hour n half great! then went shoppin bought sum new tops a belt n sum earings. then we went home and chilled out i spoke to lee on the fone n i asked to go babysittin n he said no i told him i really wanted to see him but he was havin none of it! anyway things happened n he ended up tellin me he was sorry for bein nasty and he was gonna make this relationship work and he loved me n wanted to be with me n it made me soooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!! i just wanted to be with him then but couldnt cos me moon rach n nic were goin to destiny and elite this shitty nightclub we thought we'd go to for a laugh n it as fuckin hillarious! however all night i just wanted to see lee!!!
we got hammered neway n rach stomped on my foot n i was in soooooooooooooo much pain bu we came bk n went sleep
saturday went cheshire oaks n bought a jumper n some mroe earings and i met nics mate lili shes really nice =]
nic n lili went home bout 6 ish and then lee came and met me and told me he had a presesnt for me!!! == when i got to his house i found a tiger from the bear factory called tilly and it roars!!!!heehee!!!! from thne on me n lee have been soooooo happy and we are three days on lol which to us is amazin without arguments! he maks me so happy hes the best and i just cant get enough of him! neway we went babysitting n had fun there, then sunday i went to the shop with lees mum, her bf and corrie lees lil sister and we were tlkin bout buyin hamsters cos lee wanted tone and eventually we convinced his mum to let him have one so i bought him a hamster shes dead cute!!! only a baby shes called bubbles and shes mine n lee lil baby!! =] she stays in lee's room lol! then monday had a hard day in lectures :s then went out n got quite drunk and suprise suprsise lee was HAMMERED but we dint argue once =] are u all proud lol we are finally happy!!! =]
then i stayed at his =]
then had lectures today which were actually quite interesting =]
thats it =]
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WOOHOO [19 Feb 2004|02:31pm]
hey well cant update really cos im dead busy in my lecture just on a quick break! me n lee are havin a lil break sort of thing for a few days cos my mate is comin up but its not workin cos i saw him last night and i already miss him!!! i love him to pieces!!! MWA baby!!

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VALENTINES [16 Feb 2004|03:25pm]
well this week has been a bit on n off with me n lee with him no knowin if he wants to be with me or not n whatever! so complicated and confusin but by friday we were ok i think [i hope] not really done much this week lectures and see lee. hes been dead sweet now although earlier in the week he was bein nasty and i actually thought he hated me!


saturday mornin lee went to football n i went shoppin with moon n hayley for last min pressies lol. man city lost so he was in a shitty mood lol
when i finally saw him we got bk to his and exchanged pressies,
he got me a watch that i chose and a me to u bear which we called DJ after his goal keeper!
i got him 2 dvds, some undies, a devil bear hand cuffs and a copy of the pic of me n him on the eiffel tower.
then we went oput for a meal to the cheshire cat, we had to waiut for a seat but the meal was dead nice and reasonably cheap for us! we came home after and sat with his mum and brian for a bit then went to bed =]
sunday i had to go home cos my mum n dad were comin over, we went into town and just shoppped about and then went food shopppin.
when my mum n dad had gone home we all decided to go to the gym im on an official diet, u know the cereal diet...well im kinda doin that n im gonna start goin the gym twice a week!
we had a giggle at the gym cops ther was 5 of us n the instructors were makin us laugh n stuff.
thats about it

i went for a job interview at new look and had to talk to customers and stuff was well wierd...find out about that later in the week so that should be good if i get that! a bit of money comin in anyway!! woohoo!!
so yeah going out tonight not gettin drunk tho coscant afford it and have a lecture tomoz mornin! =[

things between me n lee at the min are so confusin i dunt know whats goin off! i think we are driftin and i dont want us to! i love him so much but last week has done something! i just hope the same doesnt happen tonight cos i know that will be the end! i havent seen him since yday mornin n i miss him loads!!!!
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